How to Unlock or Unlink a Second Hand iPhone from the Previous Owner’s Account

Although Apple is already offering a iCloud removal service for those who want to easily remove the iCloud Activation lock on their devices, you will need another service if you have a second hand device that you recently bought online. This is because you will not be able to use the official iCloud removal service offered by Apple, but do not fret as there are other services you can take advantage of to help remove the lock feature. There are several Bypass iCloud Lock services offered today online and plenty of people who have purchased second hand locked iPhones have greatly benefited from these services.

Need to Unlock Your iPhone Fast?
If you are browsing the internet looking for ways to unlock your second hand iPhone fast, then you must have already seen various Bypass iCloud Lock services being offered online. However, you must not get confused between an iCloud Activation Screen Lock Remover and an IMEI Lock Remover which is also a popular service being offered today. The Bypass iCloud Lock Remover tool or service has proven to be quite handy for those with second hand devices that are still locked with the account credentials of the previous owner and have not been reset. You will also be prompted for the IMEI of your device, so be ready with the necessary information as you go through the unlocking process.


What Do You Do After Using a Bypass iCloud Lock Tool or Service?
Once you have successfully unlocked your iPhone, you will have to set up a new Apple or iCloud account. By setting up your own account, you eliminate the possibility of encountering the same problem again. When you find yourself upgrading to a new iPhone model and selling your current phone, do not forget to unlock, unlink and reset your phone so that the new owner will not have to go through the same inconvenience that you had to go through.